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Friday, February 3, 2006
TMJ Channel 4
"Today's TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak"
Milwaukee, WI

Sound Tech: Trevor Powers

TMJ4 Morning News The Pie with the TMJ morning news team Mike LaPoint, Susan Kim and Andy Treinen.

A Word from Josh:
Normally 3 AM is when we are heading home after a show. But in this case we were just arriving at the venue at that time. And that was far from the only thing that made this "gig" unique. We performed with our full stage gear in full stage attire but we were not on a stage. We were on the set of the Channel 4 local news. And we never once completed a song. Between 5 AM and 7 AM we started playing several different songs at the end of news segments and as soon as we saw in the video monitors that the commercial had started, we stopped. Sometimes this was after only a few seconds, other times it was for a couple of minutes.

At one point John was interviewed for a minute during which time he introduced the band members and promoted some upcoming shows. In the end, our appearance had gone smoothly. But, I assure you that the most fun and interesting parts occurred off the air. This was a very different and fun environment to be performing in and, somewhat delirious from lack of a proper night's rest, we made the most of it.

TMJ4 Morning News Together, Monstro and Johnny create the perfect storm. TMJ4 Morning News After teasing the band's hair, Jas tries her hand at a new career.

It was very important that we keep quiet while the news anchors were on the air, but that didn't stop quite a bit of hi-jinx from going on. At times it seemed like a contest to see if we could distract them as they read the news, but they were real pros. Off the air they were very relaxed and made us very comfortable.

At the end of one of the segments we played a good portion of "Wanted Dead or Alive". After the commercial started we continued playing long enough for John, ever the showman, to run across the room and continue singing as he gestured grandiosely at the weather map.

TMJ4 Morning News

When it was all over we loaded out our equipment into the brisk morning light which burned our eyes and tormented our souls. Indeed, for a moment, it seemed that the world had turned on its head. Then we headed out to breakfast together before resting up for the evening's gig in Cedarburg. It was an exciting and bizarre way to start a long weekend of rock n roll.     --Josh

TMJ4 Morning News


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