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Dave - Click here for larger image Dave Zettle - Guitar / Vocals
This former lead guitarist with popular Milwaukee band Shyboy is the man who started Hit Squad. In his spare time he likes to bake pies and lift heavy objects.

Josh - Click here for larger image Josh Becker - Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
This versatile musician has over a thousand shows under his belt with some of Wisconsin's most high profile bands including The Cheeters, Jukebox Heroes and Beyond the Mirror.
Josh's Personal Home Page

John - Click here for larger image John Swenson - Vocals
John has enjoyed a career as the tight-panted frontman for many quality rock bands including Chyna (Los Angeles), Love Gun (Minneapolis) and Wisconsin's own Beyond the Mirror.

Shane - Click here for larger image Shane Loy - Bass / Vocals
This easy-going professional brings his talents to Hit Squad with experience that includes having played along side John in the band Love Gun

Nick - Click here for larger image Nick Bartolotta - Drums
This former drummer with Holler gets a lot of his rock'n'roll energy from the fact that he blows things up for a living.

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